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Join the Jewish Woman's Circle for an evening to discuss and celebrate


Create and take home an infused herbal oil bottle as we discuss the spiritual significance of oil and it's impact on body and soul.  Guest speaker Laurie Levy will share the amazing benefits that essential oils have on the body.

Enjoy a light Chanukah themed dinner buffet.

Sunday, December 8 at 7:00 PM

Hosted by: Stephanie Bartfeld

COST: $18

Sara Behrman

The Jewish Woman's Circle is lovingly dedicated

in memory of my dear mother Sara bas R' Tzvi A'h

The Jewish Woman's Circle is a unique womens group designed to unite Jewish women in the North Denver area in a warm atmosphere of friendship.

The Jewish Women’s Circle hosts exciting events and activities which addresses issues pertaining to the women of today.  Each meeting includes discussions on various topics.  The group is also treated to an array of workshops and craft projects, adding meaning and excitement to the many holidays and Jewish traditions.
The Jewish Women’s Circle is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, while discovering our heritage and tradition.  Pease join us and bring a friend!

Please contact me if you would like to host a Jewish Women's Circle


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